Empowering healthcare distributors to offer retail consumers the right products at the right time using the right media.

Ancilyze partners with health insurance distributors to optimize the sale of ancillary products and services using patent-pending marketing optimization technology. Utilizing Ancilyze technology, our clients differentiate themselves in the post healthcare reform marketplace by diversifying their revenue streams, increasing their retention rates, and maximizing their consumer value.

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Turn Visitors
Into Shoppers
Experience Optimization

Enhance your online visitor experience to turn more visitors into shoppers. Leveraging data driven A/B testing analytics and expertise, we help you create online experiences that increase your digital sales pipeline.

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Convert Shoppers
Into Buyers
Purchase Optimization

Expand your online shopping cart to convert more shoppers into buyers. With the seamless integration of ancillary products and analytics, we deliver targeted persona-based offers on your website complimenting core product sales.

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Transform Buyers
Into Customers
Lifecycle Optimization

Extend your buyer engagement to transform more buyers into customers. Using various mediums and channels, we create post-purchase cross sell and up sell opportunities that increase profitability and customer retention.

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Companies utilizing Ancilyze's platform realize an average increase of 5% in ancillary conversion rates each month.
Websites optimized by Ancilyze increase ancillary product conversion rates by an average of 56% per year.
Consumers interact with the Ancilyze platform through websites using over 19 languages worldwide.
Companies partnering with Ancilyze benefit from a robust platform currently deployed in over 46 countries.

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